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“Since signing up to the new maintenance agreement with Hannantech, we have seen a dramatic reduction in our overall air conditioning costs, and have also noticed the real effort to help us, often at short notice from both technicians, and front office team. Thank you for your support.”

Brett Barlow

General Manager – Rydges Bankstown

A quality, planned and programmed maintenance of mechanical and HVAC equipment is the key to meeting the demands of managing these assets; proactively and predictably.

However, in a market that will discount on the price to provide this critical maintenance work to pick up the more lucrative breakdown, service and installations work, often means that price becomes the a primary criteria to win a contract. This does not necessarily equate to the delivery of quality services and solutions. Despite this, at Hannantech, we still believe that a quality maintenance program is the key to creating a foundation to achieve this balancing act of cost, comfort and control.

We believe in what we do and why we do it, and sticking to this belief has fortunately afforded us the opportunity to provide solutions for a growing number of clients; Government, commercial and industrial, who have come to this understanding.

Talk to one of our team today on 1300 662 122 about how we can help steer you towards a predictably better result from your air conditioning and mechanical assets and how we reduce all the costs to business:
  • Reduce disruption to business
  • Maintain staff and client comfort predictably
  • Control time on administering service work and managing contractors
  • Provide optimal environments for business operations
  • Reduce risk of other technical breakdowns (eg. Computer technology overheating)
  • Reduce your insurance premium through regular programmed maintenance
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Improve environmental footprint

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